13 February 2010

How to Defend Against Spyware

Spyware can be on your computer without you knowing, Spyware can log information such as credit card details and transmit this to other people. The internet is fast becoming a place where people not only research things but may, buy trade and even work from. What people do not realize is that confidential information could be logged and transmitted back to another user anywhere in the world without you knowing using Spyware.

Spyware is typically a small program designed to install itself on a persons computer without you knowing. For example, Spyware maybe mixed amongst a music file or E-Mail attachment. Once opened this small malicious Spyware programs installs itself on a users computer without you knowing.

The main dangers of Spyware are:

Credit card/bank details being pinched
Access to user passwords
Access personal or private information
Business espionage

These are just the obvious dangers, there are many more. It also depends what the creator of these malicious programs have in mind and what information they want to collect. The worrying part about this is you may have Spyware on your computer right now without you knowing.

So what can you do to remove Spyware or even check if you have any on your PC? Well a trip to your local computer shop may be an option, they will probably clean your system but do you want someone looking at all your information? Secondly you could call someone out to your PC but that will be costly. Thirdly you may be able to find the Spyware yourself in your system files but removing this would be difficult without damaging vital system files- this is pretty unrealistic.

The best option for most of us is to install special Spyware removal software, that searches deletes and also protects your computer from future attacks. Normally this kind of software will also remove many other threats that may be slowing your computer down too, like Adware, Trojans and worms.

No Adware is a program that not only specializes in removing Adware but Spyware alike. Although the title seems to focus on Adware, this software is just as effective in removing Spyware which to me seems more of an important issue.

You can perform a free scan with No Adware to see if your computer is at risk, this program has been featured on many news sites so it seems a trust worthy source.

Get Your Free Scan Here From No Adware

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