23 March 2010

Playing Too Much Computer Games May Be Bad For Your Child

You need to know that when it comes to computer games, you need to monitor the amount of games that your child plays. You also need to monitor the types of games which your children are playing as well as the duration that they are spending on playing games. It is very common for many children to become completely addicted to computer games which could cause many negative consequences.

You may find that your child has no interest in homework at all but has time and attention for computer games. In situations like this you need to make sure that your child does homework. You may want to even use a reward system where your child wins a few hours of playing computer games at certain times dependent upon completion of homework.

It has been found that according to recent research that children who play too many computer games are more likely on average to actually have to repeat a year at school again. Many children are too focused on computer games and are not focused on school work, which can become extremely problematic for both the child and the parent. You may want to also get in touch with other parents whose children play too many computer games.

You need to know that the World Wide Web is taking over our world and computer games seem to be a part of this. It does not matter if the games that your children are playing are offline games or online games. Any child that is playing too many games may have a problem. You also need to be aware of the factor that computer addiction exists and that some adults have had to go to rehabilitation centers for gaming addictions.

AbhiShek SinGh
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