16 April 2010

Some very usefull Ms-Office Shorcuts

Ctrl+B Bold

Ctrl+I  Italics

Ctrl+U  Underline

Ctrl+Shift+D Double underline

Ctrl+Shift+W Underline each word in the selection

Ctrl+D or Ctrl+Shift+F Display the Font dialog box with Font selected

Ctrl+Shift+P Display the Font dialog box with Size selected

Ctrl+Shift+A Uppercase

Shift+F3 Cycle case

Ctrl+Shift+K Small caps

Ctrl+= Subscript

Ctrl++ Superscript

Ctrl+Shift+Q Symbol font

Ctrl+> Grow font

Ctrl+] Grow font size by one point

Ctrl+< Shrink font

Ctrl+[ Shrink font size by one point

Ctrl+Shift+N Normal style

Ctrl+Alt+1 Heading 1 style

Ctrl+Alt+2 Heading 2 style

Ctrl+Alt+3 Heading 3 style

Ctrl+Shift+S Display the Apply Styles pane

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S Display the Styles pane

Shift+F1 Display the Reveal Formatting pane

Ctrl+L Align left

Ctrl+E Center

Ctrl+R Align right

Ctrl+J Justify

Ctrl+T Increase hanging indent

Ctrl+Shift+T Decrease hanging indent

Ctrl+M Increase indent

Ctrl+Shift+M Decrease indent

Ctrl+Shift+L Bullet

Ctrl+1 Set paragraph line spacing to 1

Ctrl+5 Set paragraph line spacing to 1.5

Ctrl+2 Set paragraph line spacing to 2

Ctrl+* Show/Hide (formatting symbols)

Ctrl+Shift+C Copy formatting from selection

Ctrl+Shift+V Paste formatting to selection

Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Shift+Z Clear character formatting

Ctrl+Q Clear paragraph formatting

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