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12 May 2010

Download English Guru 100% Complete Course

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TELESHOPPING takes immense pride in introducing to you tele shopping experience for educational resources. English guru is a highly successful mission, compiled by the experts i the field of English language putting years of hardwork and research to improve your learning experience. English Guru package contains

This Get, Set and Go series provides you with valuable practical lessons including vocabulary, grammar, sentence enunciation and writing skills.

These audio-visual aids will prove to be a great help to sharpen your spoken English skills. The first hand experience of multimedia support along with the theoretical material expedites your learning experience of English.

This dictionary is specially assembled for English Guru students' benefit. Apart from its conventional use, this clubbed together with Practice book will help you enrich your vocabulary.

You also get this comprehensive exercise book to polish your recently acquired language skills.

To hone on your personality traits refer to this well crafted section of your English learning course containing various tips, guidelines and solutions from a versatile collection of subjects.

A colourfull big size TENSE CHART with this english guru package to learn basic rules of english language.

100% Complet Course


Download as PDFPDF

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