22 September 2010

Learn Here About Trojan Attacking

Trojan Attack

A trojan is a program that is capable of giving hackers control over the attacked pc.

The most common features of trojan are:

  • Capture a screen shot of the computer.
  • Record all your key strokes and send them to the hacker.
  • Use your pc as a bridge to do other hacking related activities.
  • Can lock you Keyboard and mouse activities.

 Now how many times have you double clicked on a file that someone has sent you and nothing happens ?
Weird isn't it.
Yeah there is a greater possibility that you have just Zapped yourself with a trojan.
We are going to look at a popular Trojan by the name of Netbus.

A trojan consist of two parts:

  1. The Server which get installed to the target.
  2. And the client which is used by the hacker to connect to your system.

Now to be able to do this you need to get the Victim to install the trojan by not being aware.
 What cool is that you can link your trojan with another executable file.
This is used to limite the awareness on the victim.

Think of this as ."Cooldrink + Cynide(poison)=poisonedCooldrink"
The victim would drink the mixture without being aware but in a couple of minutes bang the victim is dead.
Same as here in Trojan attack.
The hacker would combine the trojan with an unsuspecting program mostly games.Using the jioner utility

e.g. Netbus + GalacticHacker(Game)=Contaminated GalacticHacker
(0.014 Mb) + (1.3 Mb) = (1.314 Mb)
Combination of two executable files to get one executable.
Notice the change in the size of the Contiminated Game.
Once the targeted victim double clicks the contaminated Game the trojan will get installed on the system
 without the victim noticing it. and the Game get installed normally without any problems.
Now the victim has just intalled a Server to his system without being suspecious.

Once the trojan get installed it will send the messege to the sender notifying about the:
  • The Victims I.P
  • If the victim is online 
  • And what is the victim's user name
Now what you can do is use the client to have access to the victims pc.
 you can be able to download netbus at:


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