24 April 2011

BSNL Nova Net PC INTEL D945GCLF Boot From Hard Disk Solved

Someone asked me this problem "A school teacher near my home bought BSNL Nova Navigator (For Rs 3500) . It has 512MB Ram ,512MB of flash memory (Novel OS installed in it) . Last week he bought HDD(WD 160GB) and installed Windows XP in it . While it is turned on it first goes to Novel Os , then there we have to select My PC option then it loads XP . How can we configure it to boot to Xp directly ? "

So I checked it and here is the solution.......
 The Nova net pc is provided by BSNL .BSNL tide up with novatium computers to develope an cheap and what called Cloude computing system. The novatium Nova net Pc starts only by the Diskette provided with it. it also does not display any booting options on Boot Menu because the boot programming is written and by novatium and novatium also implements a protection on it, by this no one can use this system with any other HDD. But by Flashing the BIOS you can use Any HDD with this Motherboard. For Flashing use Original Intel Cd. And it will be done...thats it!
have gr8 day!

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