15 April 2011

Download Facebook Photos or Albums in a Single Zip or PDF File

Nowadays, social networking has become a part of every ones lives especially of the teenagers. It is a web source through which people share their views, happenings and even recently captured photos and videos. Social networking is a nice way to be active with your friends when you are far away just by creating an album and uploading pics. Sometimes, you may want to download pics together but you can't do it since this feature is missing in Facebook.

Pick&Zip is a online tool that enables you to download all the photos in a Facebook albums directly in the form of Zip file or PDF File. It can be used in simple ways and it also saves your time. You may use this tool if there are many photos in a single album.

Follow the below steps to try this new whole way of downloading photos:
Step 1: Visit this website- Pick&Zip

 Step 2: You musty directly login to Facebook from the site and can choose any of your friends Albums which you like to Download.

Step 3: After you Login you will be taken to a page in which you must select your friend whose album you want to download. Next choose the Album and then click on the Arrow mark (For more see the below screenshot).

Step 4: Next you must select in which format you want to download the album either in PDF or Zip and choose the destination where you want the file to be saved.

That's it! Now you can view and enjoy the photos with ease.

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