13 April 2011

Facebook Hacking Alert!! Beware!!!!

I just checked my Junk/Spam folder of my Yahoo! Mail to see an email containing confirmation for Facebook Password Reset.

The mail is attached with a .zip file (probably containing a program/virus ).

I didn’t request any password reset for my account from Facebook.
So, it’s probably a work of the Black Hats.
Beware of such emails. No site will send you an attached file even if you have requested for a password request. Don’t just download the attached file because the email came from @facebook.com. This is just done by email spoofing.
So, protect yourself from Hackers & Viruses.

AbhiShek SinGh
Founder of 'TheHackingArticles'. Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Researcher, and Software Engineer. Follow 'AbhiShek SinGh' on Facebook , Twitter or Google+ or via Email

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