15 April 2011

Free Call Anyone Anywhere!!

This is just for education purpose. For any misuse you will be responsible.

First go to http://www.friendcaller.com/ and install this little java application.
After it is fully installed, open friend caller from desktop. Then register.

Better to create a temporary email id like  mailnator, lycos etc 
Now go to your email and confirm your account and you will be credited $ 0.10 for free calls. So you can only call for 10 seconds for free.But the trick begins now,  Now login.

Then click on phone Icon. 


Now open cheat engine.
 [ Download it from http://www.cheatengine.org/]


Now click on Menu bar Process Menu option. Then open process.
Then click on window list.

Then select friend caller. And open it.

Now dial number in friend caller and click call.


voila... Now it will start ringing... :-)

Now in cheat engine, to enable speed hack. Edit speed to "0.00"
we can only make 1 minute call without cheat engine but with this hack call unlimited. The best part is that during registration it doesn’t ask for any verification of the email. 
Have gr8 day!

AbhiShek SinGh
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