15 April 2011

Send Voice Mesages on Facebook Using MyMic Application

You might have got bored with updating your status using Keyboard which is common. Why use text update when voice is the best way of expressing your views. This is where the MyMic application will come in handy for you where you can update your status through voice updates. You can even send the voice update to your friends.
This new application is called MyMic and it is an application available in Facebook only.
All you have to do is visit the MyMic Facebook application by clicking here. Then you have to allow MyMic to get access to your Facebook account. Just visit the MyMic page and start recording your voice update and when the app will ask you to post status or Send to friend you can choose your desired option.

The only disadvantage is that with the free edition you can only record your voice for 20 seconds but there is also a paid edition for which you can get more time. But, guys 20 seconds is a lot of time.
The most important thing that is you have a microphone connected to your PC .

AbhiShek SinGh
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