10 May 2011

How to Create Survey For your website...Free Survey Software!!

Survey software is a type of software that allows a user to create surveys for his/her website, blog, or profile of a particular social networking site. In addition to surveys, survey software allows users to create forms and polls and can even be connected to recurring advertisements in order to generate profit for the user. Survey software is often used by companies and other organizations who wish to receive feedback from their customers and members. This article will demonstrate the ease of use and effectiveness of survey software by listing a number of free survey programs.

SurveyMonkey is a free online survey software that allows businesses and organizations to receive feedback from their customers and members. SurveyMonkey is designed for market research and planning and is available in three different plans that include Free, Pro, and Unlimited. The free plan provides users with 10 questions per survey, support for every language, 15 different types of questions, a progress bar to track survey completion, 15 pre-built themes, 100 responses per survey, weblink response collection, email response collection, and realtime results. SurveyMonkey can be found at http://www.surveymonkey.com/ .

Free Online Surveys
Free Online Surveys is another free survey service that allows the user to create powerful and efficient surveys in a matter of minutes. Free Online Surveys includes statistics and visual graphs that display the results of the user’s surveys and results are available immediately after the customer submits his/her responses. Free Online Surveys has an easy registration that only requires a username, password, and email address in order for users to begin creating and deploying their online surveys. Free Online Surveys can be found at http://freeonlinesurveys.com/ .

eSurveys Pro
eSurveys Pro is a survey software that allows users to create complex, fully functional surveys in just a few minutes. ESurveys Pro provides 18 different question types and multiple themes that allow the user to control the look and feel of their surveys. ESurveys Pro also provides the user with advanced administrator control options and surveys can be accessed through both email invitations and weblinks. ESurveys Pro has several account options that include Free, Basic, Premium, Corporate, and Enterprise with the Free account consisting of unlimited surveys, questions, and responses in addition to an easy-to-use survey editor and professional reports. ESurveys Pro can be found at http://www.esurveyspro.com/ .

Zoomerang is another free survey software that offers surveys for market research, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and social networking websites. Zoomerang is fast and easy to use even for the most inexperienced computer user. Zoomerang offers Free, Pro, and Premium accounts with the Free account consisting of 12 questions per survey and 100 responses per survey. Zoomerang can be found at http://www.zoomerang.com/signup/ .

LimeSurvey is a free, open source survey software designed to meet any user’s survey needs. The software supports over 50 different languages and offers unlimited surveys, unlimited questions per survey, unlimited responses per survey, and 20 different question types. LimeSurvey also includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor so that users are able to completely customize their surveys, a template editor, and a powerful administrator interface. LimeSurvey can be downloaded from http://www.limesurvey.org/ .

KwikSurveys is a free survey software similar to LimeSurvey but is not open source. KwikSurveys provides the user with unlimited surveys, questions per survey, and responses per survey. The software also features a quick and easy survey builder that virtually anyone with a computer can use to create powerful surveys for their market research, satisfaction reviews, and social networking websites. KwikSurveys is completely online and does not require the user to download or install anything. KwikSurveys can be found at http://www.kwiksurveys.com/ .

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