10 May 2011

Know What is OCR(Optical Character Recognition) Softwares

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, software is a class of programs that allow a computer to read symbols and other printed marks on a piece of paper. OCR software is always combined with scanner software as well as the scanner itself and is often considered to be the same thing as scanner software. Without OCR software, a scanner would not be able to recognize boundaries, letters, numbers, sketches, or other characters on a piece of paper.

Scanner software allows users to scan printed material into a computer and translate into text, Word format, PDF format, HTML format, or even Excel format. While all scanning software is slightly different from other programs, most of them have the same core features. These features include character recognition, page layout reconstruction, support for various languages, a user interface of some kind, special features for specific projects, multi-engine voting technology, and searchable PDF support. Scanning software also differs in the speed in which it is able to convert a printed material into a digital file.
Some of the free scanner programs are listed below:-

FreeOCR is a free scanner software that uses the Tesseract OCR Engine, with OCR standing for "Optical Character Recognition". The program does not support PDF but the creators are currently working on building a PDF function. FreeOCR supports multi-page .tiff files, fax documents, and most image formats. The software also supports Twain scanning and has a Windows Installer so that installation and setup is as easy as any other program.

FreeKapture is another free scanning software that supports Twain scanning. The program can be fully integrated with the Windows Operating System and comes with its own Help file and Setup software. FreeKapture was made by MidWavi Pro and allows users to scan and print documents as well as copy and paste scanned files to the Windows Clipboard. The software can handle .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, and .bmp image formats.

ScanWiz, made by Softi Software, is a scanning software specifically made for scanning documents as PDF files. The program can also handle .tiff formats, however, as well as a number of other image formats. ScanWiz isn't entirely free but does include a 30-day free trial. It can scan multiple pages and compile them as one document, reorder the pages of scanned documents, add new pages to any existing PDF file, display details and thumbnail views of scanned files.

Documalis Free Scanner
Documalis Free Scanner is a completely free scanner software designed to look and feel like a Windows Office program. The software allows users to scan documents as .tiff, .pdf, jpeg, .png, and .bmp. Documalis also allows users to change the resolution, color scheme, and layout of scanned documents as well as scan and compile multiple pages into the same document. Users can rotate, add, delete, and digitalize scanned documents and can view thumbnails of scanned documents in three different sizes. The interface is very simple and easy to use and even includes an FTP function for uploading scanned documents to a server, email, or webpage.

Scanner Copier
Scanner Copier is a free scanning program that allows users to scan multiple pages into their computer and then print them out as one document. The software can be used in conjunction with PDFCreator, a software that allows users to create PDF documents from image files. Scanner Copier is under the GPL license and can be used for both personal or professional purposes but has no warranty whatsoever. The software can be found at Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/scanner-copier/ .

SimpleOCR is a completely free scanner software made by SimpleSoftware. The program can be used for personal, educational, or professional purposes and it is not limited in any way. SimpleOCR is used by thousands of people and institutions worldwide and the software can even be used by other users who are developing their own scanning software. SimpleOCR is not the best program available as users may need additional, commercial software if the scanned document does not meet industry standards. Despite this fact, however, it is a very good software for anyone who wishes to use a free scanning program.

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