09 May 2011

You must know what is Social Engineering Attack!!

Social engineering is a fancy name for manipulating a person into giving you access to which you are not normally entitled.    This almost always involves lying about your identity or your intent. Here is a transcript of a class social engineering trick used to convice a user to divulge his password:

[user] Hello?
[hacker] Hi, this is Bob from IT Security. We’ve had a security breach on the system and we need every user to  verify their username and password.
[user] What do I need to do?
[hacker] Let’s walk through a login, just to make sure everything is fine.
[user] OK
[hacker] OK, go ahead and login. What username are you coming in as?
[user] My username is “smith”.
[hacker] Excellent. What password are you using?
[user] I am using the password “drowssap”.
[hacker] Do you have a system prompt yet?
[user] Yes, I’m in.
[hacker] OK, there you are. I see you now. Everything is fine. We appreciate your cooperation.
[user] OK, goodnight.
[hacker] Thanks again, goodbye.

Always Remember never tell your password to anyone......even Bank staff can not ask you for password!

Stay Safe..
hv gr8 day!

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