14 July 2011

Best Mobile Movie Downloading Sites

According to the survey nearly 300 crores of people are using cell phone. It is estimsted by 2010 nearly 500 crores of people use cellphone having internet and camera facility. The largest cell users in the world is china, next comes to india.
Alexander Graham Bell introduced telephone to a less developed society.But by the time when cell phones are invented, people are ready to accept any form of development. In a fast moving society such as our’s we cannot spare time just for walking to friends or for official purposes. One can listen music and radio, Take beautiful photographs of your loved one’s, Can send Text Message ( SMS), Find the location with GPS, and more advance Can make word, power point,excel document, store numbers and databases. We can even watch movies in Cell phones just like we watch one in the computer. The movies should just be loaded in to the mobile phones.
Today i am posting some best sites for mobile movie download

    1. http://123movies.in/  Avi, 3gp Format
    2. http://movieswood.com/ Avi, 3gp Format
    3. http://moviearena.org/ Avi, 3gp Format
Recommended Browser- UcWeb   

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