05 July 2011

Some Google Search Engine Tips

Google is the essential part of web, Everyone uses Google, Most of the Internet users start surfing with Google search engine and ends with Google. So i am going to post some tips related to google, these small tips may help you a lot.......

Google inbuilt Calculator: Calculator is a basic need of our day to day life so when we use google you need not to carry it with you just enter the quantities and put(=) sign and you will find your result.

Weather monitoring: To find weather of any place just put  weather and name of the place and you will get the details of the weather of that particular place:

Time: To find tome of any place just write time and name of the place and you will get your results.

Unit Conversion: Very innovative tool convert one unit in another in just one time eye blink. Simple English like “45 litre in ml

Definition: define any term just write define word in the beginning of any term and you will get definition of that particular term.

Money converter: a very powerful tool which converts your money with exact international rates. one of the most commonly used tricks. you no need to check the current value of Dollar. just type the amount like as shown in picture and result will be displayed at blink.

Map Tricks: This option helps you find map of any particular are just write map and name of the place.

To see all the pages: This is very informative trick, specially for website owner to check the indexed pages in Google search engine. All is the need is to write “Site: abhitricks.blogspot.com” . All the pages of AbhiTricks will be displaying on the search result page.

"I hope these small Google Search tips helps you lot and makes your internet surfing more interesting and tricky"

AbhiShek SinGh
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