02 August 2011

Solved:- Administrative privileges are required in order to install Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite

Problem:- Users get this error while installing vodafone mobile stick.

"Administrative privileges are required in order to install Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite.The
installer will now exit."

Many users check their user account and create Administrative privilage accounts but still the
error arrives.

Reason:-  This error comes because minimum system requirement for installing the software is not

Solution:- The Minimum system Requirement for installing Vodafone Mobile Connect is
  1. Ms Windows Service Pack 2
  2. Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
So updating your system from Windows Service Pack 1 to Service Pack2 and Installing Windows
installer 3.1 will solve this problem.

Most Important Advice:-  If you are installing any Software and found any error while installing the
software, you must know the minimum requirement for installing the software. Every software comes
with a Document in it which contains full information of the software. It can be a pdf, doc or text

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