13 September 2011

free Facebook T-shirt Scam Beware!!!!!!

Now a days Free Facebook T-shirt Scam is spreading virally.
Recently one of my friend post a msg on their Facebook wall

  "FB's 7th anniversary celebration tee for free.... Get it now :)
 >>>LIMITED<<< "

Ignore it.
This is Simple social engineering attack to Capture user data.
The Scammers have created an external web page.
Still Some people will get tempted and will Register their email and home address there.
Lets see how these scammers are cheating you in the name of “free Facebook T-shirt”.First they are asking you to complete some Steps to be able to receive your T-shirt.
In the first step you will be asked to like their page, so that they can repeatedly spam you Facebook wall with their offers.
And then They will ask you to Register For their Free T-shirt. This is what the main aim of scammers. they Just collected your Personal details and Now they can use it to Spam your email account with their Scam offers. Also they can sell these collected details.

Lets be aware of it and Do share this Information on Facebook to
warn your friends too.

AbhiShek SinGh
Founder of 'TheHackingArticles'. Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Researcher, and Software Engineer. Follow 'AbhiShek SinGh' on Facebook , Twitter or Google+ or via Email

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