27 October 2011

Amaze your Friends by posting Empty Status or Comments on Facebook

Hey Guys! In This Post Of  I am Going to tell you How to Post an Empty or Blank Status and Comment on Facebook Wall. If you are an IT(Information technology) guy then for you this is a simple facebook validation bypassing trick.

Here is the Tricks:
1) Goto Status update
2) Type either @[0:0: ] or @[2:2: ] or alt+0173 or you can Simply type 0
3) Press Enter… And That’s it..

To post Blank comments-

Type in comment box either @[0:0: ] or @[2:2: ]

Simple, isn’t it..
Now play around , shock your friends and have fun..;-)
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Hv gr8 day!

AbhiShek SinGh
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