23 October 2011

Create Keyboard Shortcut For Any Program

Shortcuts are a fast and a simple method to launch applications.Like for opening task manager we use Ctrl+Shift+Esc.Everyone has different set of programs that they use frequently.By using this trick you can create a custom shortcut for any program.We don’t need any third party software to create these shortcuts.You can use this trick in Windows Xp,Vista and Windows 7.
Now I will show you how you can create a Custom Shortcut for English/Hindi Dictionary and by using the same process you can create custom shortcut for any program.
  • Click on Start button Right click on the program for which you are going to make shortcut . we are making here shortcut of  English/Hindi Dictionary)
  • Now right click on the program(English/Hindi Dictionary)  and click on Properties .

  • In the Shortcut Key field type any key that you want to use as shortcut.(I will use D for English/Hindi Dictionary)
  • Now  your custom shortcut for this program will be Ctrl+Alt+Key (So my shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+D for English/Hindi Dictionary)

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