05 November 2011

How to bypass Windows Login

I will show you here how to enter any OS without knowing the password.

Download and burn Pass Hacker by Meps.iso on a blank CD,so if you have Nero installed then right click on that file-Open With-Nero-Burn.If you do not have Nero installed then I suggest IMGBurn which is free and download it here:

Download PassHacker- PassHacker  Alternate Link1 Alternate Link2

Download IMGBurn- IMGBurn Download
When you installed ImgBurn right click on .iso and pick Burn Using ImgBurn.

Insert CD in drive and restart your computer,now you have to enter in your BIOS and set to boot from CD first(or presing F9 and choose optical disc CD/DVD).
That should look like this,at the end save changes and exit.

When the CD successfuly launches press ENTER

At User/Administrator instead of the real password enter any random pass and you are in :-)
That is on WIN Vista and Win 7 and for Windows XP it didn't ask me for a pass,just click on the user icon.

Now you have only entrance without the password,if you want to know the password then use this:

Tested on:
Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 (v.275)
Windows Vista Business SP0
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
Windows Vista Ultimate SP0
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
Windows XP
Windows XP SP1
Windows XP SP2
Windows XP SP3
Windows 7

An easy way install it on USB PENDRIVE:-
We need:
1. USB Pendrive
2. KONUSB software

Now follow this few steps:
1. Download free KONUSB software
Open the folder and you will get:
2.Plug in your Pen drive into your Computer and double click on KonBootInstall.exe [cmd will be appeared] enter the drive letter of the USB and hit ENTER

Now your pendrive is ready to hack or bypass any windows admin login password and you have it in your pocket

A video tutorial is also available:-

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