01 November 2011

Update your Facebook status without using Internet

Airtel providing a new feature for its customers for accessing facebook without using Internet. So if you don’t have a Internet enabled phone you can still able to use many features of facebook. You can update status, post on wall, check friend requests, notifications and account settings. Airtel providing  this service at Rs. 1 /day.

To use the feature on your airtel mobile follow these steps :-
Step1:  Dial *325#
Step2:  A flash message will appear saying
 " Welcome to facebook by fonetwish. Your request has been accepted we will send you a menu shortly please exit this message".
Step3:  A menu will open asking your facebook username, enter your facebook username.
Step4:  Again it asks your  password. enter your password.
Step5:  After entering your password you will receive a message containing many options.
Step6:  You can update your status here and many more features of facebook with facebook fonetwish.

AbhiShek SinGh
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