26 January 2012

How to jailbreak iPOD touch, iPad and iPhone with OS 4.2.1

Hello Frnds recently one of our regular blog reader Jenifer from south Carolina requested me to post some information for unlocking her iPad so today here  you will learn how to jailbreak iPOD touch, iPad and iPhone with OS 4.2.1 using GreenPois0n. You need have one of the following Operating System: Windows, Linux or MAC. This Jailbreak is compatible with the following Devices: iPod Touch 2G (Model MB and MC), IPod Touch 3G, IPod Touch 4G, 1G iPad, IPhone 3G, Phone 3GS and IPhone 4.

Follow the Steps below to jail break your iPOD touch, iPad and iPhone with OS 4.2.1:
1. You have to make sure if your on the right required OS for your device which is OS 4.2.1.
To check the device OS, go to Setting >> General >> About >> Look for version
2. Download the jailbreak link:
If your using windows, download the windows Links, if your using MAC, download the MAC Link
Greenpois0n RC6.1
Windows -
Download (MD5: 99e9082c3b482d02978afbabb20bd1e9)MacOSX - Download (MD5: 57ec49739b2c3d2a991e83f1e2738115)

3. Jailbreak: Connect your device to the computer via cable.

NOTE: Make Sure you close your iTunes
4. After connecting the device, turn off your device by holding on the power button then slide to power off.

5. Extract the jailbreak program and start it, it should look something like this:

6. If your device is connected to computer and turned off, click on "Prepare to Jailbreak DFU mode".
7. After clicking on "Prepare to Jailbreak DFU mode", follow the instructions written in the screen that comes up:

8. After you have followed the instructions then you will get a screen like this:
9. Then you can quit the program but your jailbreak is not complete, some random codes will appear on your device and it will take about 2-3 minutes for that and once that done, your device will restart. (Don't get frustrated)
10. Once the device has restarted, you will see a new app on your device called Loader. (you need have internet and connect to Wi-Fi )

11. Now you have to open Loader and Download Cydia:

12. After downloading Cydia, install it. Then after installation is done, open Cydia and let it update and reboot. (if it closes, open it again)

13. Now you have to add INSTALLOUS, where you can find and download all cracked apps from the app store for free. You can simply do it by looking at the image below: (open Cydia)
NOTE: THE SOURCE YOU ADD IS cydia.hackulo.us

14. Once that's Done, open the new source you just added and then download "Installous".
This jailbreak works.

Common Problem and Solution:
Ques:- When I sync my device with iTunes, It deletes all the illegal apps and I have to reinstall them every time I sync with iTunes. How can I fix this? 
Solution: To fix this problem, you have to download a free app from the app store and sync with itunes, then your itunes will sync perfectly.

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