01 January 2012

Keygen's: Everything About Them

A Keygen (product key generator) is a computer program that generates a product licensing key, serial number, or some other registration information necessary to activate for use a software application.

In most countries, the use of keygens to activate software without purchasing a license is fraudulent.
Why Keygens Are Detected To Be Malicious?
Keygen software distributions can be detected to be infected with malware by anti-virus programs such as AVG and McAfee.

Some keygens are indeed infected, but many are not. Yet, antivirus frequently report infections by "generic" virus for which there is no description. Other antivirus cearly label the "virus" with a Keygen prefix.

Antivirus vendors label cracks for their own software as "malware" and also many different cracks and keygens for different programs are labelled to be "malware". This is done to combat piracy so that when people download working keygens and cracks alot of the time they see it's detected to be a virus or trojan (when it's not) and will then remove it from their computer immediately, which will prevent their program from being pirated.
Note- most keygens are false positives and will not harm your computer in any way at all. But also keep in mind that these keygens are created by crackers, some crackers create it only for fun but many bad guys put malicious code into it.

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