16 January 2012

Unlimited emoticons in Facebook

Today I am posting a new trick, Through this trick you can use any emoticons in chat  and thus also in the messages on Facebook!
we can use unlimited emoticons in Facebook chat!. We can also use profile pictures of Facebook Pages.
Everything you need to do is enter this code on facebook chat or messages:
[[User ID or name]]
Here you have to replace the  USER ID or name.
 of the page or a user or username.
For Example : If you want to insert an emoticon of Bart Simpson, search for Facebook pages of Bart Simpson, you will find this page:
the number at the end of URL is the ID you will use in chat or message, As an example the code is:
This same method will work with profile pictures, your own or those of your friends. Simply enter the username or user ID between the brackets to use the emoticons in the chat or message.
Here I am posting a list of emoticons ready to use in your conversations that will amaze your friend’s!
 [[WilliamShakespeare1]] -Eloquence
 [[CaptainJackSparrow]] - Pirate
 [[barackobama]] - President Obama
 [[DJPAULYD]] - Bro
 [[246631252031491]] - Female attractiveness – (Ryan Gosling)
 [[JustinBieber]] - Childish
 [[BobMarley]] - Relax
 [[simoncowell]] - Condescension
 [[VinDiesel]] - Adventure, car theft
 [[Zuck]] - Brilliant mind
 [[theuncrunched]] - Loudmouth
 [[DonaldTrump]] - Greed
 [[123670240998921]] - Drunk – (David Hasselhoff)
 [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]] - Santa Claus
 [[Nickelback]] - Art
 [[CharlieSheen]] - Winning
 [[[278104690058]] - Disapprove – Fry of Futurama
 [[363425183510]] -devil laughs
[[195809153846551]] -FIREWORKS
[[33083174204]] -ASD
[[30560848313]] -D:
[[115028529996]] -?
[[139677092745226]] -shshu
[[193466394072772]] -rainbow smile
[[123024957810430]] -plug
[[Lolclub]] -LOL
[[53604212520]]  -homer simpson
[[134920393248]]  -bart simpson
[[100003062360195]]  -marge simpson
[[GokuFanz]] -Goku
[[123181427727217]]  -Pizza
[[311132875574234]]  -trolls
[[270731792983563]]   -.-
[[248524098548493]]   .-.
[[100003038860458]]  -BLUE HEART
[[214068085341763]]  -BLACK HEART
[[350522171631812]]   -RAINBOW HEART

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