28 February 2012

Connect Multiple computers by using switch

Today I am going to post how to connect multiple computers by using switch. After reading this post you can able to create your own network.


Follow the Steps:

1. Connect all the PCs to the switch with standard network cables. And Power up the switch.

2. Put all the computers in the same workgroup:

  • On each PC, right-click "My Computer"
  • Click "Properties"
  • Go to the "Computer Name" tab
  • Click "Change" at the bottom
  • Under "Member of" put a tick next to "Workgroup"
  • Type in a name for the workgroup (use this name of each PC)

3. Give all the computers IP address in the same subnet.

  • PC 1:
    - IP:
    - Subnet Mask:
  • PC 2:
    - IP:
    - Subnet Mask:
  • PC 3:
    - IP:
    - Subnet Mask:
  • PC 4:
    - IP:
    - Subnet Mask:
    To do this, on each computer:

4. Open Start > Control Panel > Network Connections

  • Right-click "Local Area Connection"
  • Under "This connection uses the following items" select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the "Properties" button
  • Put a tick next to "Use the following IP Address" and type in the IP and subnet mask from above.

There is no default gateway because your workgroup is not connected to a router. You also do not have a DNS server, so you will have to browse the workgroup by IP addresses and not by computer names.

Hv gr8 day!

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