02 February 2012

New Android malware infects up to five million phones

Last last week, Symantec reported about Android.Counterclank, a piece of code tacked on to apps that’ll execute remote commands and steal information from the device. It’s a new variant of older malware known as Android.tonclank. There is no checking process for Apps added to the Android Market, It means its easy to upload a malware along with a legitimate app.

new malware

What makes this infection significant is it wide distribution. It’s been found in 13 different titles in the Android Market and downloaded between one to five million times based on Android Market download estimates. Symantec has a growing list of titles that contain the malware and will add to the list as the company finds more infected apps, click here to see infected apps. A selection of the thirteen applications identified by Symantec have been pulled from the Android Market.

The app runs as a service known as apperhand and should appear in the settings>applications>Running services. It’ll also add a small search icon to your home screen. 

If you downloaded any of these infected apps(check infected apps). Remove them immediately.

Stay Safe..

Hv gr8 day!

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