25 February 2012

Hide Files and Folders in Android Phones

If you want to hide your videos, photos or any other files in your android phone, So that it does not display your photos and videos in gallery and video player, then here is a trick for you follow these steps:
1. Download file any manager from Android market and Install it in your android phone.
2. Open the file manager and goto the folder which you want to hide. (If you want to hide certain specific files, the put them in a folder).
3. Rename the folder starting with a dot "." For Example: If you want to hide the "videos" folder, then rename the folder to ".videos".
4. You are done, Now Android gallery and video player won't recognize that folder anymore. If you want to unhide it, then rename the folder and remove the "." (dot).

AbhiShek SinGh
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