25 March 2012

Access Folders and Programs Directly From Your Taskbar

You can Access your folders and programs directly from your taskbar. Many users have to work only some particular application so this tip making it easy , you can open any folder or application(program) directly from your Taskbar, its also Save your time. To make this feature appear on your taskbar you have to make a new Toolbar. Follow the steps below:

Step-1. Right Click on Taskbar and Click Toolbars and Now Click New Toolbar.

Step-2. Now a Small Window will Open that allows you to pick the folder you wish to make Toolbar.

Toolbar choose folder

Step-3. Now select the folder you want to open from taskbar, you can also choose an application or any internet address you want to open from your taskbar. and Click OK.

Now your selected program will appear on Taskbar.

Toolbar option in Taskbar 

If you want to remove this option from your taskbar. right click on Taskbar select Toolbar and you will see the toolbar you created, Just uncheck it to remive it from Taskbar.


Remove Toolbar

Hv gr8 day!

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