25 March 2012

Add Url Address Bar To Taskbar

You can add an Internet URL Address bar to your Windows XP Taskbar. so that you can easily go to any website directly from your taskbar. without open any internet browser.

to add URL Address bar to your Taskbar follow the steps below:

Step-1. Right-click on the taskbar, select Toolbars, and then click on Address.

Add URL bar to Task bar
Step-2. Now The Address option will appear on your taskbar.

Address bar in Taskbar 
Step-3. Double click it open Address bar or you can grab the vertical dotted lines beside the word Address and drag it to the left to make the Address window appear.

Taskbar URL 

Step-4. If it is not working, your Taskbar is Locked. You can unlock it by right-clicking on the taskbar again and uncheck Lock the Taskbar.

Unlock taskbarHv gr8 day!

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