12 March 2012

CAPTCHA Sucks?? Here is A Tip to Read it Easily

I have yet to see anybody who loves  or even likes  CAPTCHA . Captcha is a word verification Screening. We already published information about captcha, If you dont know what is Captcha Read This post  What is Captcha ? and How It Works! .

Captcha Sucks 

Here I am posting  Tips, Using This tips it will become easier to read Captcha Images.

I do note that it is a bit - just a bit - easier when it is larger.

You can Use the Zoom key( Ctrl + ) Feature of Web Browser, Both Chrome and Firefox Uses Zoom Key to make the text larger And the CAPTCHA form zooms, the same way.

A quick 1 - 2 - 3 hits of Ctrl + makes the CAPTCHA image larger, and it will be 25% easier to read. It still sucks - but Zoom makes it suck slightly less.

Use Ctrl + to zoom In .

Use ctrl – to Zoom Out.

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