26 March 2012

N-Stealth Web server scanner

N-Stealth is a vulnerability-assessment product that scans web servers to identify security problems and weaknesses that may allow an attacker to gain privileged access.The software comes with an extensive database of over 30,000 vulnerabilities and exploits. N-Stealth is more actively maintained than the network security scanners and consequently has a larger database of vulnerabilities. N-Stealth is a comprehensive web server security-auditing tool that scans for over 30,000 vulnerabilities. It is ideal for system administrators, security consultant and IT professionals. The software's wide array of scanning techniques and extensive security-hole database make it the best available program for locking down web servers.
N-Stealth can audit both local and remote web servers. Simply plug in your IP address and let it run - within minutes, you will have a full report outlining all the potential security holes on the server.

N stealth Web server Scanner


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