23 March 2012

Retina The Network Security Scanner

In today’s dynamic threat environment, you need a proactive security solution to identify potential weaknesses and help prioritize which need to be addressed first. Retina Network Security Scanner, the industry’s most mature and effective vulnerability scanning technology, identifies known and zero day vulnerabilities to protect an organization’s valuable assets. The Retina Scanner provides security risk assessment, as well as enables security best practices, policy enforcement, and regulatory audits.



  • Discovery and scanning of all assets in the network infrastructure - remote, virtual, and local.
  • Non-intrusive scanning engine to optimize network performance and scan network devices, operating systems, applications, and databases.
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities to expedite the mitigation process and avoid panic patching.
  • Comprehensive vulnerability database continually updated by eEye’s renowned research team.
  • Corporate policy-driven scans to easily audit complex internal security policies.
  • Identifies exploits from Core Impact, Metasploit, or Exploit-db.com, making it easier to prioritize vulnerabilities and fix the biggest risks first.If a Metasploit exploit exists, users can right-click to launch Metasploit (3.6.0 or higher) directly from Retina (5.13.0 or higher) to perform a penetration test against the targeted host.
  • Secure VMware ThinApp™ applications by properly discovering, scanning, and including in your standard vulnerability management processes.
  • Open architecture for customized audits and third-party integrations.


  • Easy, accurate discovery of all assets
  • Increased security through comprehensive vulnerability scanning
  • More efficient vulnerability management via Retina’s workflow approach
  • Scalable for SMBs and large enterprises
  • Faster mitigation with risk-level vulnerability prioritization
  • Optimized network performance through non-intrusive scanning
  • Automated enforcement of corporate policies
  • Reduce risk and close security gaps with vulnerability assessment for virtual applications.
  • Exploit identification from Core Impact, Metasploit, and Exploit-db.com provides additional risk management and prioritization guidance.
  • Fast, flexible deployment
  • Unparalleled service and support.

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