06 March 2012

Security Alert!! Facebook 2 Step Authentication failed!!

Last year Facebook has launched a security feature called Login Approvals or two-factor authentication. In this authentication process facebook uses users mobile to authenticate the user, When user will logging into his Facebook account from a new device, a code will be sent to his phone which he will have to enter before he is granted access to his Facebook Account. This security bug is discovered by  a secutiy researcher Christopher Lowson.

Facebook Security Alert

When you open your Facebook account from a new device facebook will take you to a verification process where you have to submit the security code which is sent to your activated mobile device. When you click the option “I can’t get my code” .


then You will get a new dialog box and you will see “Skip this and stop asking me to enter codes” link .Facebook1

and  After clicking this you got asked “Log in without entering codes from now on?” by Facebook. Finally you are able to login without verification Codes and 2 step authentication Security feature Turned off and Bypassed simply by options.



A very less percentage of facebook users are aware about this feature which is actually implemented last year and still have such bugs. facebook should fix this security bug.

Stay Safe..
Have gr8 day!

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