05 May 2012

How to Install Ubuntu inside XP Dual Booting

This is the easiest way to dual boot Ubuntu and XP, it allows you to install Ubuntu inside Windows XP, and is extremely easy to remove as well.


  1. A computer
  2. An XP install disc
  3. Either an official Ubuntu disc, or a iso burned to a disc .

Follow the Steps Below-

Step 1- Install XP and use the ENTIRE DRIVE for installation. Do not make a seprate partition for UBUNTU. Or If you have A PC with XP already installed Go to step 2.
Step 2- Now, Grab your Ubuntu install disc. And boot up windows.
Step 3- After its all booted up and HDD is idling, Insert your Ubuntu Disc and An installer window should pop up. Click "Install inside Windows," 
Step 4- Fill the form as you wish, You can change your user name to something else if you prefer. If you have a big HDD i recommend you change the default 17gb to the largest available, otherwise 20gb is fine. 

windows inside ubuntu
Step 5- it will install and show a progress bar, then when its done it will ask you to reboot. Now Restart the System.
Step 6- When you reboot it will come to a menu, Select "Ubuntu" and hit enter.
Step 7- It will load up ubuntu and start installing it, all you did in step 5 was Install a installer for when you boot into ubuntu.
Step 8- It will ask you to reboot after its done restart the system.
Step 9- Reboot and select ubuntu,

Congrats! You are now booted into Your New Linux OS!

How To remove ubuntu?

Boot into windows, go to -> control panel -> add or remove programs -> Ubuntu -> Change/Remove

Now you’re done.

Hv gr8 day!

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