10 May 2012

Microsoft Word vulnerability could allow remote code execution

A vulnerability that affects Microsoft Office software could allow a remote attacker to execute code and take control of an affected system.

Affected Product/Component:

·         Microsoft Office 2003

·         Microsoft Office 2007

·         Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

·         Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

·         Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack


Microsoft has released a security update to address a vulnerability in Microsoft Office software. The vulnerability was caused by a system memory corruption that resulted when the software parses specially crafted Rich Text Format (RTF) data. An attacker could take advantage of this condition to execute arbitrary code and take control of the affected machine.

Ms Word Vulnerable

The issue has been resolved in the security update by modifying the way that RTF-formatted data are parsed. Users are recommended to install this latest update to protect their system from potential exploits.

CVE Reference



Install the latest security patch for applicable system, download Here .

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