25 May 2012

THA Tips To Protect Your Blogger Blog

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs withtime-stamped entries. Blogger Is One Of The Service From Google. It Means Your Blogger Blog Is One Of The Part Of Your Google Account. So You need To Protect Your Google Account For Protect Your Blogger Blog. Below are some Tips that Help You To Protect Your Google Account and blog:

Tips to Protect Your Blogger Blog

Never Share Your Blogger Account Email Address :

Never Share Your Blogger Account Email Address With Any Other Persons. Use Another Email Address For Your Official uses.Never Publish Your Own Blogger Account Email Address On Your Blog.

Set 2 Step Verification Process :

2 Step Verification Process Is One Of The Best Way To Protect Your Google Account. Go TO Account Settings Of Your Google Account And Set 2 Step Verification Proccess .

 Use Strong Passwords :

Use a strong password for Google Account, and don’t use that password on any other site. Google has a good set of tips for creating strong passwords. These include using passwords with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols, and keeping any password reminders in a place that isn’t easily visible.

Never Read Strange Mails With Attachments:

Some Of Hackers Are Send A Mail With Malware Attachments. So Never Read Mails From Unknown Persons. Be Careful On Attachments.

Never Forgot To Sing out Your Account:

Always sign out of your account when you’re using public computers.

Never Give Admin Powers To Other Persons:

Yes ! Never Give admin powers for other strange persons. Because giving admin power means they can fully control your blogger blog. and  Its Very Danger For Your  Blog.

Stay Safe…..

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