27 May 2012

Want to hide your important data from other users?

Normally when you need to secure your important data from other users, then your first choice is to burn it on CD or put it to removable drive instead of hard drive. But imagine if your data size is more than 100 GB then it is not easy to burn it on CD. Dont worry, you can save your full drive from other users access using The Hacking Articles Solutions.

Important Data

Perform the given steps to hide your system data partition:

  • To enable this feature, you will need to be logged into your computer with administrative rights.

  • First click on Start button to open "Run" and type "CMD" (without the quotes) then press Ok button to open Command Prompt.

Run Dialogue Box

Now type diskpart on the blinking cursor and wait for 5 seconds to appear diskpart> utility.


To show the list of volume, type list volume command after the diskpart> prompt, this command will show you all system drives detail.


Now first select the volume that you want to hide, for example,

if you need to hide F drive then first type select volume 2 (in this case) and press enter button.


After loading volume, type remove letter F (in this case) to hide F drive.


Now exit from command prompt and open My Computer to verify drives.

But next time, when you want to unhide the D drive, just run assign drive F command after loading volume 2.

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