12 June 2012

How To Hack A Photobucket Account

This is guest post from Ivan at PC Hacks blog, where he writes about computer hacking .

We’ll create login page that resemble the original Photobucket login page. The user is fooled to believe the fake Photobucket page to be the real one and enter his/her password. But once the user attempts to login through these pages, his/her Photobucket login details are stolen away




Download fake Photobucket login page from this LINK

Fake photobucket page contains 3 files : index.html , pass.php, photobucket.html


It  is similar to the orginal Photobucket login page http://photobucket.com/login. There are some differences in the HTML code:

Under form id="gaia_loginform"    , action attribute is changed to  "pass.php" .  It lets you to  run pass.php script. , after clicking on the  Login button .




Under label for="username"    ,  id and name attributes are changed to "user" and "pass"








pass.php is php script that  stores  username and password  into photobucket.html.





whole process looks like this:

Photobucket user visits  index.html ,  he means that it's real photobucket and type login information . After clicking login button , pass.php will be run . Pass.php will store typed information to the photobucket.htm and it will redirect user to the photobucket.com.




Now make an account on a free hosting site such as 000webhost.com , (check this post Best Free Web Hosting) and upload all the three files i.e index.htm,pass.php and photobucket.html . Run your fake login page and check it  by typing somewords in your photobucket fake login page you will see those words in a file called photobucket.html

Note: This guide is only for education purpose.

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