18 June 2012

Image Spam: Understanding How it Works

Image - a visual representation of an object or scene or person produced on a surface. 
Spam - an unsolicited piece of data, indiscriminantly sent. The electronic equivalent of junk mail.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
why type when you can send pictures instead...

When I go online and open My Yahoo mail I see many mails Subject as “Brian Florence Amazing Photographer” . Many THA readers also mail me about this email. So today I am making this post to aware you from this type of spams.

Image spam has become the "delivery of choice" by new-school spammers. Why? It’s difficult to detect and can bypass the older-school forms of spam filtering and in the ongoing competition for viewing, he who’s spam is most viewed wins.

This great article explains the most common forms of image spam, how it’s designed down to the finest detail to prevent detection and how some OCR software used to detect image spam is color-blind and the spammers have determined how to use this simple limitation to their advantage.

Below I am posting a Image Spam Mail:


My name is Brian Florence and I am an amateur photographer from Upstate New York. I love to drive across America. I also love to take pictures of the awesome scenes I see.

When I have my camera in my hand, my goal is to capture the beauty, emotion, depth, and vivid awareness I am experiencing through my own eyes into a simple two-dimensional photograph. These are the scenes I want to remember. These are the pictures I try to take. 

Forgive me for wanting to show them off. :-)












Stay Safe….

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