10 July 2012

Gmail Congestion Alert Scam!!

You may receive this type of email scam that appears to have been sent by Gmail, it asks for your username, password and DOB, something Google would never do over an email communication.  

Gmail Scam

Scam Email is shown below:

Due to congestion in our database system, We have come to realize that your account information on our database system are out of date, as a result of that we require you to verify your Information. Failure to verify your information will result in account suspension. If you are still interested in using our email service, Please click the reply button and fill the below spaces as requested.



D O B:


Note: This email is only for Gmail users.

Thank you for using Gmail!

The Gmail Team


Your Intellectual Property Rights


Google does not claim any ownership in any of the content, including any text, data, information, images, photographs, music, sound, video, or other material, that you upload, transmit or store in your Gmail account. We will not use any of your content for any purpose except to provide you with the Service. The provision of the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync functionality to you does not grant, and you do not receive, any rights under any Microsoft intellectual property with respect to any device or software that you use to access such Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync functionality.

©2010 Google


If you receive an email such as this, you should simply ignore it or delete it. 

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