14 July 2012

Hackers gained access to Nvidia Developer forum Passwords

Today CHIP DESIGNER Nvidia shut down its Developer Zone online forum after hackers gained access to members' account details.

In a statement Nvidia posted on the forum reads, "Nvidia suspended operations today of the Nvidia Developer Zone. We did this in response to attacks on the site by unauthorised third parties who may have gained access to hashed passwords."


Nvidia added that it is investigating the hack and "working around the clock" to ensure that the forum is restored with secure operations in place.

"As a precautionary measure, we strongly recommend that you change any identical passwords that you may be using elsewhere," it advised.

Security firm Sophos' senior technology consultant Graham Cluley responded to the news in a blog post and warned of the dangers of re-using passwords across web sites such as the Nvidia forum.

"Password re-use is a big problem, with an alarming number of people using the same password on multiple sites," he said.

"The consequences of that lax attitude to security is that if you get hacked in one place, your other online accounts could also be accessed. For instance, if you used the same password on Nvidia as you did on your web email account, it would be child's play for hackers to gain access to your personal communications and steal other information about you."

Earlier in the week an Android forum popular with fans of Android smartphones was also compromised by hackers.

Over a million user credentials were leaked from Phandroid's Androidforums.com using "a known exploit", and data including usernames, hashed passwords and so forth were accessed.

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