10 July 2012

Lotto Canada Guaranteed Winner Scam!!

This scam is  look like Lotto Canada but asking you to send email to the Ben Rogers in the UK. Their link sent you to a malicious website ( link removed).  This made it through the filter as a password protected word attachment. This is a scam designed to take your identity and money, do not respond to such emails.

 Lottory Scams

Scam Email is shown below:

Lotto Canada
No.33 Bloor Street East
Toronto Ontario Canada
Tel/fax: + 1-613-482-4751

Dear Winner No.1,


Congratulations! Your email address have won One Million United States Dollars (US$1,000,000.00) in the Canadian Lottery Online Lucky Promotion (Ontario 49) held on Saturday May 13, 2012 in Ontario Canada to promote and support 2012 Summer Olympic Games London as London will become the first city to officially host the modern Olympic Games three times, co-sponsored by the Government of Canada.

Your email was selected from World Wide Web “WWW” Microsoft Powered through our Online Computerized Email Selection System (OCESS) encryption technology drew the winning numbers 10 21 34 37 41 46 Bonus 40 which you subsequently won the lottery in the first category. You have therefore been approved to claim the amount of One Million United States Dollars (US $1,000,000.00). We have insured your winning prize under a comprehensive policy to make sure you receive the exact amount you’ve won. To claim your winning prize contact our accredited agent in London United Kingdom where your prize claim batch file falls.

Company: International Subscribers Group (UK)
Address: 52 Upper Street Islington
London N1 0QH United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 7024044632
Fax: + 44 8723315421
Email: benrogers5413@aol.co.uk
Contact Person: Mr. Ben Rogers

Batch No: 9GH967XZZ1-5-49
Reference No: 9527BCV-J6-0-0-2
Serial No: 0202AOB02
Ticket No: 6460DGH


This promotion aimed at internet globalization before the year 2014 thereby empowering internet literacy against monopoly in which email addresses were used therefore you do not need to buy ticket to enter for it. Prize must be claimed within 30 days and are non-transferable or saleable.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Maly Worthwell
Promotional Manager.

PLEASE NOTE: To confirm that your email address drew the winning numbers for Saturday May 13, 2012 draw visit our website

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©2012-2014 by CLOLP Ontario 49.

If you receive an email such as this, you should simply ignore it or delete it. 

Do not respond to such emails!

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