20 July 2012

Smartphone Security Tips

You probably store a lot of personal and financial information on your smartphone that you would not want revealed if it is lost or stolen. Here are four ways that you can help increase mobile phone safety and secure your Windows Phone or other smartphone.
Smartphone Security Tips
·         Protect your phone with a password or Personal Identification Number (PIN):
If you use your phone to access your company's email or intranet, they probably require that you protect it with a password or PIN. To learn how to protect your Windows 7 phone with a password.
For more information on how to choose a good password for your phone, computer, or online accounts.
·         Be careful when you install apps on your phone:
Apps can do nearly everything these days, from streamlining your social networking to changing the channels on your TV. No matter what kind of phone you have, install apps from a trusted source. For a Windows Phone, you can only install apps from Marketplace. This ensures that any app you install has been digitally signed, which reduces your risk and increases phone safety. (This is the same model Apple uses with their iPhone—however, the Android phone, from Google, does not follow this model.)
·         Install updates for your phone:
Just as you do on your computer, install all updates for your phone and for the apps on your phone. To learn how to do this with a Windows Phone.
·         Make sure your phone has a feature that helps you find it if you lose it or if it is stolen:
Windows Phone 7 includes a "Find My Phone" feature that allows you to find a lost phone, lock it remotely, and also wipe it remotely so that no one can get access to the information you have stored on it.

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